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Ernesto Todd Mireles, MSW. Ph.D. – has worked as a student, community, union, and electoral organizer. Coordinator of the Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center at Prescott College, he organized for the United Farm Workers, United Steelworkers and American Federation of Teachers. Mireles is the co-director of the Social Justice Community Organizing Masters program where he teaches community organizing. He holds an MSW in organizational and community practice and a PhD American Studies from Michigan State University. Mireles’ recently published his first book Insurgent Aztlan: The liberating power of cultural resistance in Jan. 2020, and is working on releasing a second book of shorter writings titled La Xicanada: Journal of Revolutionary Thought. Mireles is completing a documentary titled War of the Flea: Fight for Xicano Studies. 

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Kurly Tlapoyawa – is an archaeologist, author, and filmmaker. A child of the Chicano Movement, Kurly has dedicated his life to education, social justice, and cultural preservation. He has given lectures at multiple Universities, including Yale, UNM, and San Diego State University regarding Chicano identity and the Mesoamerican diaspora. He is the founder of the Chimalli Institute of Mesoamerican Arts. His books include A Mexican Count of Days, Our Slippery Earth, and Totacho: Our Way of Talking. He is currently working on a documentary project called “Traditional Tech,” about Indigenous textile production in Oaxaca. Kurly has also worked as a professional stuntman, with over 30 credits to his name.

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