a bold new approach

All students enrolled at Colegio Chicano del Pueblo are eligible to earn a pathway to college credit through Prescott College. If certain conditions are met, you may be awarded up to 32 transfer credits. Continue reading to learn more about CCP’s innovative approach to helping YOU achieve your educational goals:

  • Award up to 32 transfer credits to applicants from MeXicanos 2070 if the following conditions are met: receive admission into Prescott College and enroll
  • Participate in the Prior Learning Assessment course and follow the Conversion Portfolio procedure to certify these credits. An enrollment of 4 credits in Prior learning Assessment allows up to 16 awarded credits from MeXicanos 2070; an enrollment of 8 credits in Prior Learning
  • Assessment allows up to 32-awarded credits from MeXicanos 2070.
  • List the partnership with MeXicanos 2070, including scholarship information, on its website and in appropriate promotional materials.
  • Assign a dedicated Admissions Counselor to inquiries and applicants from MeXicanos 2070
  • Provide scholarship opportunities for all MeXicanos 2070 applicants. This may result in a discount off published tuition, depending on the degree program. See Prescott College website for further details. Prescott.edu
  • Provide opportunities to MeXicanos 2070 to post employment, internship, and volunteer opportunities through Prescott College’s Career Services Office.

It is also important to understand that no student is under any obligation to attend Prescott College or engage in the prior learning assessment process for college credit. There is also no limit to the amount of course one student can take. The 32-credit limit applies ONLY to the number of credits that will be granted by Prescott College.

Credit Breakdown

  Introductory course (two courses)  8
Tracks: Health, Organizing, Arts/Humanities & Communications, Indigenous Studies, Business, Interdisciplinary (choose four courses)  16
  Electives (two courses)  8
   32 credits

Each students who are planning on applying to the prior assessment learning courses with Prescott College will be required to take the two courses: Introduction to Xicano/a Studies: Bringing Xicano History to the Present and Introduction to Xicano/a Studies: Social Structure & Contemporary Conditions (8 credits). Students will not be able to move on to the prior assessment-learning course until these classes are a part of their transcript.

After these courses, students will be required to take 16 credits in the track of their choice. After these courses are completed, students will be at 24 credits.

After completing, the courses for the track students can then take another eight credits of their choice. This brings the student to 32 credits; at this point, they are eligible to take the prior learning assessment course through Prescott College.

Of course, students can take as many courses as the want. However, they will only be able to get up to 32 credits through the PC prior learning assessment courses.