Bring Xicano History to the Present

This course offers an overview of Chicano history from Mesoamerican origins through the twentieth century. This course will have at least three foci. First, focusing on the contributions of Xicanos Second, U.S. popular culture and its depicted Xicanos in multiple forms. Third, this history course will examine how Xicanos responded to such images.

Course Creator: Jerry Garcia, Ph.D.

Course Title: Bringing Xicano History to the Present

Course Topic: Xicano History/Culture/Politics

Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Difficulty: Challenging

Materials Needed: Notebook, Access to Google Classroom (Free), computer, and internet access

Time Commitment: 5-10 per week

Pace: Self-Directed

Subject: Xicano Studies, history, and popular culture

Course Language: English (Spanish a plus)

Credit: TBD, for Now Audit

Platform: Google Classroom

Keywords: #Xicano #history #popular culture  

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